Conscious Yoga Podcast

Conscious Yoga Podcast Ep: 5 – The “My Enlightenment” Movement

Conscious Yoga Podcast Episode 6 "The My Enlightenment Movement"

  The number one threat to the yoga and spiritual world is the “My Enlightenment” movement. Forever searching to fill an empty void in their soul, the my enlightenment movement consists of yogis, those entrenched in the new age, corporate employees looking to escape, gurus, hipsters, hippies, suburban moms, and even those closest to us.…

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Conscious Yoga Podcast Ep 4: Yoga’s War on The Ego

Conscious Yoga Podcast Episode 4 Yoga's war on the ego photo

  What is the ego? Should you lose or abolish your ego like most yoga and new age philosophy push? Why are cultures that propagate the idea of getting rid of the ego always the most controlled and enslaved? In episode number four, Ian Cattanach argues you should do the opposite and build your ego!…

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