Ian Cattanach

Founder and Content Creator

Growth through yoga, nature, spirituality, writing and reading has been the central focus of my life for many years. I am based out of Las Vegas, and for the last three years teach yoga to classes, individuals and online audiences. I write novels, poems, articles and non-fiction books that explore and experiment with spiritual ideas. I love to ski, attend university, play with my dog Jaxon and spend time in nature.

My main purpose on Savvy Zen is to write and speak from the heart, and do whatever I can to help those in yoga and in life on their path of growth. I encourage everyone to share value and contribute their own form of art, so we can co-create a better world.

Professors, yoga teachers, shamans and spiritual educators have blessed me with knowledge, compassion and opportunities, and I am forever grateful for everything they've taught me.

For the last few years my home as a student has been the UNLV literature department. Last year I graduated with a degree in creative writing, and I wish to bring a more playful, authenticate and creative prose to the yoga world.

I host the Conscious Yoga Podcast, and the Heart Orientated Online Yoga Business Podcast, which are the only live yoga podcasts that accept call-ins.

Check out the recommended resources/books page for my favorite books, music, yoga blogs, yoga teachers, and other resources I love.

Contact me with any questions, or if you want to meet up for tea/coffee or yoga when you're in Vegas!