Yoga’s Fake Global Awakening

Yoga's Fake Global Awakening

Have you heard or talked about the global awakening occurring right now? Standing on the shoulders of new-(c)age thought, influential members of the yoga community for the last decade have started to push the idea of the “mass awakening.” The individuals pushing this aren’t interested in a “mass awakening”. They are using evolution as a … Read more

The Malignant Destiny of the Guru

The Destiny of the Guru   Stagnation and devolution are the Malignant Destiny of the Guru. Forever a warden of information for personal gain, the guru mentality remains guilty for perpetuating the caste system, restricting non-initiates or westerners from information, countless sexual assault scandals, addictions, deaths, and worst of all setting the axiomatic base for … Read more

Guru Free Series Introduction: From Darkness to Freedom

Do you need a guru? Why do we glorify yoga teachers and spiritual leaders? Why do major sexual assault scandals and criminal acts within the yoga world break every few months now? On a smaller scale, everyday yoga studios, teacher trainings, and yoga-based communes/communities suffer from wrongdoing, which stems from yoga’s fractured relationship with hierarchy. … Read more

Conscious Yoga Podcast Ep 6: Intro to Capitalism and Yoga   In episode 6, Ian Cattanach performs a postmodern critique of Yoga’s relationship to capitalism. Utilizing the philosophies of Hegel, Baudrillard, Mulvey, and Lacan, this episode focuses on the creation of needs by corporations/influencers in yoga. These needs drive symbolic exchange and corrupt our relationship between image and self-image. In this separation and alienation … Read more

The Yoga Revolution Will Not be on Instagram

Instagram displays the yoga community’s fascination, obsession, and addiction to perfection and illusion on social media. Hits of dopamine draw us into applications whose primary goal is to subvert us into spending more time on their applications. The word ADDICTION contains the word -DICTION. The a- at the start of addiction creates a reverse of the true meaning … Read more

How I Forgot the Ashtanga Chant

Top memory experts say step one of remembering something is care. Most people claim to be bad at remembering names, phone numbers and where they are parked. However, if someone offered you a million dollars to remember their name for a month, could you? Of course! That would be no issue. So why did I … Read more

Do You Really Need Yoga Philosophy?

I am not good enough because I don’t know yoga philosophy! I am better than everyone else because I know yoga philosophy! You/they are not good enough because they don’t follow my yoga philosophy Those statements are sad, however, there are people in the yoga community who say/think these statements. The flaw in this thought … Read more

What Do You Need Permission for in Yoga?

What do you need permission for in Yoga? Do you need permission from a piece of paper that says you can teach? Did Patanjali or the Buddha have a piece of paper? How about Krishnamacharya? Is there a 200-hour meditation training under a Bodhi tree that guarantees enlightenment and a following over two thousand years? … Read more