The De-Occulting Yoga Podcast Ep 3: Brain Imbalances in Yoga

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This week on The De-Occulting Yoga podcast:
Why do most yoga practitioners have a unbalanced brain?
Discussion on the left brain imbalanced world.
Solutions to a right brain imbalance
How a right brain imbalance can lead to a mis-use of social media, and lead you into a dogmatic mindset and yoga cults.
Atrophy of the Brain from meditation


Show Notes:

Dangers of meditation link:

Without stimulation on the analytical side our brain becomes imbalanced and will start to atrophy at some point.

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Growth through yoga, nature, spirituality, writing and reading has been the central focus of my life for many years. I am based out of Las Vegas, and for the last three years teach yoga to classes, individuals and online audiences. I write novels, poems, and non-fiction books that explore and experiment with spiritual ideas. I love to ski, attend university, play with my dog Jaxon and spend time in nature.