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Conscious Yoga for Creative, Holistic and Spiritual Yogis 

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   Conscious Yoga for Creative, Holistic and Spiritual Yogis 

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No Expectation Yoga

By Ian Cattanach | January 3, 2019

What expectations do you bring to your yoga practice? If you lost all your flexibility in one day would you freak out? Why do expect success if we are flexible? Flexibility has nothing to do with yoga.  Are you expecting yoga to feel a certain way? Spoiler alert: That beautiful yoga high you get after a…

The Mindful Ashtangi Manifesto

By Ian Cattanach | November 19, 2018

1. Guru Free The mindful ashtangi is their own guru. A mindful ashtangi is the sole authority of their practice and life. How a mindful ashtangi thinks, feels, sequences their practice and approaches their practice every day is up to them.   2. Absence of Authority Tradition, lineage, and authority do not exist. A mindful…

Conscious Yoga Podcast Episode 2: Your Yoga Simulation

By Ian Cattanach | October 27, 2018


moon salutation for yoga

Accept Yourself and the Yoga Will Flow

By Ian Cattanach | October 22, 2018

In July 2018, I abandoned caring about flexibility, structure, and the feeling of yoga. Free of a decade-long adherence to others definitions of yoga. I feel the flow of yoga more than ever before. Perfection exists inside each moment for each of us.     My Three Pitfalls For years I sought flexibility to validate…

Self-Imagine a New Yoga

By Ian Cattanach | September 9, 2018

How does yoga imagine itself? What actions or standards create the representation of a yogi? Is everyone who stretches, breaths and meditates a yogi? What level of flexibility do I need? Do I need to have long hair, call myself a hippie and go to India to study with a guru? Or wear trendy brands,…

Quick Bio-Hack to Rise Early for Yoga

By Ian Cattanach | August 21, 2018

Sleep! Dream! Lucid dream and create! Do anything but become sleep deprived! In yoga, there will be endless debate about lifestyle habits and how to perform asana (types of yoga sequences.) There will never be any agreement on the right way to do meditation, pranayama, ways to approach the practice (mindset), and larger meaning of…

Hunter Yoga

The Hunter and Yoga

By Ian Cattanach | August 21, 2018

The winds blow beauty, knowledge, and offerings in front of us every day, the distracted and desperate yogi, however, will pass those gifts. Our mind yearns and worries for the end of the hunt, to attain an advanced yoga posture, quit our job to be a yoga teacher or discover the truths of the universe.…

Conscious Yoga Podcast Episode 1: The True Definition of Yoga

By Ian Cattanach | August 15, 2018

The Ressurection of Savvy Zen

By Ian Cattanach | July 6, 2018

One year of nothing. Savvy Zen was another dead yoga website. All the promises of new books, podcasts, blog posts and videos were broken. I failed myself and resisted my creativity. The lessons I had to learn while stagnant were beautiful though. Lessons that redefined my definition and perception of love, life and my own…

The De-Occulting Yoga Podcast Ep 4: Yoga’s Corruption of the Trivium Method. The Start of a Dark Age

By Ian Cattanach | May 18, 2017