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Conscious Yoga for Creative, Holistic and Spiritual Yogis 

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Conscious Yoga for Creative, Holistic and Spiritual Yogis 

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Return of the Yogi

By Ian Cattanach | February 15, 2017

Yoga is in a dark age. The empire of corporate schemes, branding, and inauthentic motives infiltrate our community. A metamorphosis will evolve from a small group of yogis, with the ability to transcend the material plane. Just as a caterpillar cannot know the existence of a butterfly, their presence will remain mysterious and inexplicable. The […]

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Seven Biggest Time Wasters for Yoga

By Ian Cattanach | February 15, 2017

Having a home practice can be a beautiful thing. However, we all know how luring of a beast procrastination can be. For years I was a victim of time wasters in my yoga practice. Once you cut these seven demons out of your yoga and your life your peace of mind will be enhanced.   […]