Posting Schedule

Here is Savvy Zen’s weekly posting schedule! This schedule will start on 11/4/18. Categories not included will have a new post at least twice a month!

Podcast Live Air times and Links

Saturday: Conscious Yoga Podcast 1pm

Sunday: Heart Aligned Online Yoga Business Podcast: 1pm


Articles w/ additional YouTube video

Monday: Conscious Yoga Philosophy Article
Tuesday: Build your heart aligned online yoga business article
Wednesday: Yoga Book Review
Thursday: Bio-hacking yoga article
Friday: Personal Development for Yoga
Saturday: Music for Yoga


Asana Videos

Monday: Kettlebell/Strength class or technique video

Tuesday: Mobility or Mysofascial release video or class

Wednesday: Yin Yoga Class


Friday: Movement based class (Vinyasa, Ashtanga Improv, Iyengar, etc.)

Saturday: Ashtanga Hacks

Sunday: Spinal Movements Theory