Return of the Yogi

Yoga is in a dark age. The empire of corporate schemes, branding, and inauthentic motives infiltrate our community. A metamorphosis will evolve from a small group of yogis, with the ability to transcend the material plane. Just as a caterpillar cannot know the existence of a butterfly, their presence will remain mysterious and inexplicable. The Sith Lords of Yoga manipulate the appearance of our art. Healthy flexibility is replaced by contortionism, dietary choices are now suspect, and social issues get the cold shoulder. A new school of thought will end this mind trick that infects our being. The cocoon will break when we argue the ethics of $300 yoga pants, resist shady marketing schemes, and support all forms of yoga.

Social media is the new monastery, where young and old hide away in theory and ignorance. This culture of yogis brand themselves so they can avoid personal responsibility. In such an “aware” and  “spiritual” group there is no commitment to improve the community.  Do we not have real problems to solve? Obesity, divorce, suicide, and depression are on the rise; however, it is taboo if you discuss solutions for them in the “my enlightenment” movement.

Yoga cleanses the body, brain, and spirit so we can confront the hard questions of life.  A fear based mindset will avoid contact with ideas that will manifest growth. There is no progression without challenging books, intelligent humans who push you, and experienced teachers. A conscious yogi is sensitive to all forms of awakening.  The burden of the Force is strong, and the truth will find the yogi who seeks it.


The Two Sides of the Force


Darth Vader Battles Luke Skywalker with The Force

Darth Vader Battles Luke Skywalker

Yoda warns Luke and Anakin Skywalker that they are too old for Jedi training. A childhood of doubt, fear, and anger cut their connection to the Force.

Obi Won Kenobi tells Luke,

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us.”

The Jedi and Sith manifest special abilities through opposite ends of the Force. Sith concentrate on pure selfish pursuits and do not waver [fear]. Jedi focus on the good of humanity and a selfless life [love]. The real power in both Stars Wars and this reality lie in the extremes.

You cannot sit on the fence and help change the world.  A pursuit of pure love or pure fear is the path to special abilities. Patanjali discusses this in chapter three of the Yoga Sutras. Verse eleven reads “The attainment of the Samadhi (enlightenment) state involves the elimination of all-pointedness (wandering) of the mind and the rise of one-pointedness (concentration).”

99% of the world sits on the fence between both polarities their whole life. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were psychopaths (Sith) whose evil was powerful beyond measure. Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and The Dalai Lama (Jedi) exert virtue and influence that is just as powerful.

Star Wars and Yoga

The metaphor of the Force was based on the teachings of yoga and the occult. In yoga, there is Ashtanga Yoga (Sith) and Karma Yoga (Jedi). Ashtanga Yoga pursues enlightenment through the eight limbs of yoga. Karma Yoga seeks enlightenment through selfless action. The occult uses the terminology “sorcerer” and “magician.”

The limit of your power depends on a one-pointedness in your actions toward fear or love. One of life’s biggest choices is to decide what side to polarize on. Disastrous consequences happen to those who polarize to a side and flip flop.

Anakin, in his selfish pursuit to save Padme, caused her death and lost most of his power. His revenge against the sand people and Count Dooku was the start of his fall into the dark side. Later Darth Vader (Anakin) sacrifices a whole empire for the love of his son.

A fear based yogi usually helps more people than someone in the middle. In the pursuit of their “enlightenment” they will need to form support groups, have mentors, and mentee’s to help them learn. A karmic yogi will need to cleanse with asana, pranayama, and meditation. Those are solitary acts that seem to promote selfishness. Both sides cross paths, however principles are what divide the two parties.


The Sith Lords of Yoga

Light Saber Star Wars

Sith’s Revenge

A shadow class who puts emphasis on the self has taken over yoga. Modern yoga consists of seekers, not shepherds, who progress through yoga in a chain of obedience.  The new corporations of yoga require prophets, who preach that you are not perfect. Their expensive retreats, rigid views on lineage, workshops, and fashion lines are the only way to awaken. Major profits flow when you create inner anarchy, fear, and sever higher consciousness.

A blissful state, new yoga pose, and social media followers by any means necessary is the new benchmark. That is not to say money, social media, and advanced yoga poses are evil. However, after those are achieved, most popular yogi’s do not address universal problems. Their fear of poverty, criticism, and loss of love kill their courage to speak. The power of yoga can be used to help find solutions to significant problems. A social media post that restates nothing new is not a solution.

Fear tactics are used by the Sith to divide and conquer us. One tactic is a demand for an exclusive adherence to the Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Yin style. Claims that one style can heal your ailments is fear based. Once you are limited to one style, your body, mind, and spirit will suffer. A holistic approach to all styles is the solution.

The fear of the dark side transforms your whole being, look at the transition of Senator Palpatine into the Emperor. He sacrificed his body to convince Anakin to kill Mace Windu. A machine body was the result of Anakin’s choice to join the dark side.

Immersions into a style where you respect your teachers and follow their lead is crucial. However, decades of one style breeds uniformity and lack of expansion. That identification with the group can create a Hegelian Dialectic, the largest control mechanism in all of the yoga world.


Duel of Yogis

In Star Wars the Emperor creates a Hegelian Dialectic by controlling the Republic and the Separatists.  In a dialect, two sides are formed, and other options are kept hidden. The Sith Lords create a dialectic for personalities in yoga. The Sith do not want rebels who question the origins, structure, and problems of yoga. We are told to “not judge” and “everyone has their own truth” as a means to control us. They judge, measure our strength, and use big data statistics to exploit us for profits, and our energy. We follow “their truth” and enter to a chain that creates their empire.

The community under the Hegelian dialectic is herded into two basic archetypes:

The first is the bourgeoisie archetype. Expensive outfits, range rovers, wine parties, extravagant vacations, and wealthy spouses with no respect for yoga are the norm.

The second is the slacker hippie consumers, who buy and buy but never contribute value. Expensive outfits that are meant not to look expensive are the norm here. Most young yogis start here and morph into the bourgeoisie archetype eventually. Or fall into a similar chain of obedience in political philosophy, dietary choice, spiritual group, or cult.

Conscious courage is the way to escape an archetype. Without courage the chain of obedience for the Sith never ends. Darth Vader is always a slave to the emperor. He attempts to enslave Luke into the same paradigm. In totalitarian states, the fathers create this. In Nazi Germany fathers sent their kids into Hitler’s Youth trapping them in the same system they were a part of.

The Emperor is the biggest slave of them all. He is a slave to the dark side of the Force. The deep fear inside of him NEEDS to control a whole empire. We see this in strict yoga organizations where the leader controls everything. No other styles of yoga, dietary choices, philosophy and sexual freedom are allowed.

The Empire rules yoga, but the rebellion grows stronger every day.

The Jedi of Yoga

On his death bed, Yoda tells Luke Skywalker that he must confront Darth Vader to gain the full power of the Force. Luke asks if knowing the truth about his father is bad. Yoda responds,

“No. Unfortunate that you rushed to face him. Your training was incomplete. Not ready for the burden you were.”

The Sith killed the Jedi who created classic texts in Eastern Philosophy and stole their teachings. The power of yoga was harnessed to build an eight billion dollar industry. Religion evolves in simple, open source environments. For Yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism, this happened in monasteries or by hermits. In Christianity, Augustine, Aquinas, and Luther were all monks. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were all a part of the “Academy.”

When confronted by Darth Vader, Luke does not want to acknowledge his ancestry.

The Jedi in yoga are almost extinct, and the ignorance of the ancestry of yoga is the cause. We run to the dark side instead of facing our insecurities about yoga. Yoga was built to help the upper castes, was poly-theistic, and produced many crazy off- shoots. Aesthetics and Fakirs would mutilate their bodies to find enlightenment.

It also produced beautiful monasteries where love was proliferated. Resentment and fear of yoga’s past need to be accepted if we are to harness its full power. This understanding is a principle of freedom.


Become One With The Force


Star Wars Luke Force Handstand

Handstands with the Force

Once Luke accepts his past, his lightsaber changes from blue to green. George Lucas has a color frequency philosophy for each lightsaber color. The visible spectrum of light operates differently from pigment you get in crayons and art. Few wavelength frequencies colors are visible.

The lowest frequencies are the reds. In the chakra system, the first three chakras are in the red spectrum. Base instincts and desires, sexual energies, and the will exist in these chakras. Adherence to the lower self is why the Sith use the color red for their lightsabers. The highest frequencies of the visible spectrum of light are the blues. Blue chakras at the top are the chakras of compassion. The third eye chakra is associated with knowing. The crown chakra represents total unity, cosmic consciousness, and non-duality. Obi-Won Kenobi uses blue as his color. We see in Episode 4 that he chooses to let himself die. He makes a conscious choice to help Luke from the spiritual realm of those chakras.

The center of the light spectrum is green, which is the color of the heart chakra.  Luke, in The Return of the Jedi uses green as his lightsaber color. In the Vedic tradition, the heart chakra is depicted as a six pointed lotus flower. This symbol is the seal of Solomon, which represents the chalice and blade united. In other words, the feminine chalice unites with the masculine blade. Green is the center of the self, but green is also the color of nature. After we find the Force in the top three chakras, we need to ground in the heart to make a difference in the world. True care exists when action is taken in the physical world. Luke finds the Force in his top three chakras, grounds himself, and [with his green lightsaber] destroys an Empire. The funny synchronicity is that the name, Luke, means light. By the end of the series, he becomes the real magician.

Yoga’s New Republic

The Jedi of modern yoga are stuck in the blue frequency.  There are amazing yogis out there, but many don’t ground enough to make creative contributions. A lack of care on a global level is the reason for this. Aerobics, hippies, gongs, and cults should not be the first thing people think when they hear “yoga.” The ability through yoga to heal the planet should be their first thought. Our world needs clarity for the preservation of justice. Yogis need to shake the rigid structure the Sith push us into.

Progressive thinkers, timeless art, poetry, documentaries, literature and yoga sequences will revive the Jedi. We need to fight Ashtanga yogis who belittle feminine [blue frequency]  aspects that do not charge towards self-enlightenment. The yoga Jedis Matthew Sweeney and Simon Borg Olivier create feminine sequences and get no attention. Their heart orientated pursuits get attacked by rigid yogis who can’t see out of their Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar sequences.

We must open our mind outside these systems and go inward for inspiration. Some beautiful ambient artists create yoga music out of this world. However, yoga teachers still play Krishna Das on repeat. Yogis are still discussing the absurd ideas in Yoga Mala, while authors such as Edwin Bryant and Gregor Maehle craft unread classics.

The Yogi Awakens

Savvy Zen will resist the yoga empire and join the rebellion. A crisis in consciousness is rising from a rejection of the old patterns and ways of thinking the Sith have created. Our Jedi mind tricks make us invisible to fear and shield any energy that does not align with love. The ideals, values and systems of the internet and modern yoga will not stunt our growth. An outflow of free, valuable content will stream onto this website flowing from a spring of love. The great work of spreading light never ends, and we will continue into infinity. Those who remain true like Luke to the Force will always be rewarded.

The “evolution of yoga” is as crazy and illogical an idea as you can find. We cannot expect every cell in a forest to evolve simultaneously and in the same way. Humanity has been stunted spiritually, and yoga based on real truth is our best solution. Courage to find the Force, and a return to the heart is what will change this world forever. We are a link in the chain that will bring the empire down. The Emperor sits in fear for the return of the yogi.

Ian Meditating with Yoda


About Ian Cattanach

Growth through yoga, nature, spirituality, writing and reading has been the central focus of my life for many years. I am based out of Las Vegas, and for the last three years teach yoga to classes, individuals and online audiences. I write novels, poems, and non-fiction books that explore and experiment with spiritual ideas. I love to ski, attend university, play with my dog Jaxon and spend time in nature.