The Next Three Months of Savvy Zen

The next three months are going to be super fun. I would like to state my intentions in this article. Commitment, flow, connection, and completion are the main values I am manifesting into my life for this process. I want to keep this very heart-centered and stay away from the typical marketing strategies that are popular in yoga now.

My strategies are to trust in the universe and my heart. Show gratitude for the chance to share what I have learned. Joy for the abundance I already have in my life. Happiness to connect with my readers deeper.

On the website side, I plan on posting a weekly podcast and multiple articles and videos a week. There is a lot of uncharted territories I am diving head first into.

I would like to state my intentions in this article. By November 1st, 2018 I will create my first premium yoga course that is 10+ hours in length. I want to keep this very heart-centered and stay away from the typical marketing strategies. The topic is one I care about very much, and the goal is to over-deliver and make the price accessible to everyone.

By the end of 2018, I will publish my first book on yoga. It will be a full-length 80,000-word book on a modern topic in yoga. I have planned a whole outline for this book for over a year. However, after a lot of journaling and meditating, I think writing off intuition would align better with the purpose of this book.

Within the month, I will send out some info to my email list for feedback about both products. Then with the input, I will tailor the course and book to meet needs that align across the board. Let’s co-create!

The ability to work with others to create is what excites me the most. I want to feel that same flow and connection with the heart as I work on this as I do in my yoga practice.

Stay tuned everyone! The new podcast should be up within a day or two, and many articles and videos are to come!


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About Ian Cattanach

Growth through yoga, nature, spirituality, writing and reading has been the central focus of my life for many years. I am based out of Las Vegas, and for the last three years teach yoga to classes, individuals and online audiences. I write novels, poems, and non-fiction books that explore and experiment with spiritual ideas. I love to ski, attend university, play with my dog Jaxon and spend time in nature.

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