Why Vegans and the Paleo Diet Need to Team Up

Vegans and the Paleo diet have been at war for a decade. The problem is that vegans and paleo diet followers need each other to accomplish their goals of ending slaughterhouses, the reduction of animal deaths, and the creation of sustainable farms.

Both dietary groups have shot up in popularity at a phenomenal rate as opposition against the standard American diet. The duality creates two different groups that trade online attacks, jokes, memes, and arguments in the real world.

I am at the front of this war as a yogi who follows the paleo diet publicly.The amount of dietary choice comments I get on this blog and social media is astounding. 75% of comments have something to do with me not being vegan.


The War on Slaughterhouses

One of my vegan friends will not be friends with anyone who hunts. He is friends with people who eat factory farmed meat that was slaughtered in the most brutal way possible. Illogical hypocrisy like this permeates both communities.

Vegan jokes are prominent in the meat eating community. I also know people who think twice about being friends with an outspoken vegan.

The followers of veganism and the paleo diet have cut out slaughter house meat from their lives, but still belittle each other.

Divide and conquer is one of the best mind control tactics, and the agricultural industry has pitted pro-suitability groups against each other.

The Internet, social media and religions (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) create separation, when every human cannot argue the ethical nature of slaughterhouses.


Sustainable Culture

Meat culture tends to be way too grounded and neglects the feminine aspects of life. Cultures powered by plants tend to be way too ungrounded and overlook the masculine aspects of life.

The duality between these two schools of thought is the perfect match to bring down the agricultural industry.

However, both sides have the same exact goal: To end slaughterhouses and create sustainable farms.


Vegetarians Trail of Blood

A cow that is raised by a family for a few years and killed in the humanest way possible should be celebrated by vegans.

Yes, I know the argument, vegans. “There is no way to humanely kill an animal.”

So instead we should all rely on factory farming? There is no system of food production that does not kill animals.

Vegans support the agriculture industry, which uses mono-cropping to harvest its crops. All the rabbits, rodents, foxes, snakes, coyotes and other animals in the way are killed by the blades chopping vegetables.

Is the value of a small animal worth more than a large animal?

Some would argue that killing a large herbivore that could feed many is more ethical than a method of food production that kills many small animals.

More animals and insects are killed to make a pound of grain than would be to hunt a pound of meat.

Let’s not just fight slaughterhouses, but small animal deaths that are caused in the production of unhealthy vegetables and grains.

“Published figures suggest that, in Australia, producing wheat and other grains results in:
at least 25 times more sentient animals being killed per kilogram of useable protein.”


A New Agorist Dream

It is a pipe dream to think that we can even get half of the world to be vegetarian. However, it is realistic to say that we can end slaughterhouses.

Plant and meat eaters need to combine forces to create community farms and gardens. Both sides need to open up to receiving help and innovation from the other side.

Closing ourselves into certain sects will only make the agricultural industry stronger. All agorists should support each other.


Utopia For Vegans and Paleo Diet Followers 
Internet trolls, and crazy vegans and meat eaters, your time to fight will come in the future.

When factory farms are illegal, fisheries are shut down, and all animals die by a painless lethal injection, we can sit down for a discussion.

Until then, my focus is on creating sustainable farms that provide organic, non-gmo, and healthy vegetables, fruit, fats, and meats to the world.

In the future, there will be meat made in laboratories where no animal had to die.
Labs are already producing meat. However, its nutrient density and cost are still in question. More awareness of slaughterhouses will increase research in this area.

As more children are raised on farms and develop relationships with animals, we will be horrified at what we did to our brother animals and sisters.

Vegans and paleo diet followers both have their vision of utopia.

That dream is not possible if we fight, instead, let’s create a better future for the animal kingdom.